Captain America: Civil War Review (Spoiler Free)

Thank goodness Spiderman turned up.. Captain America: Civil War Review Now we’re all excited. Another Marvel film, another excuse to sit through 10 minutes of boring credits to watch a 10 second clip. We love it. Whilst we’re on the subject, 2 extra scenes after the credits. If you want something to do whilst you […]


The Jungle Book Review

“Man is forbidden!” The Jungle Book, a hugely known and loved Disney classic. With songs that stick in your mind, and characters that tug on your heartstrings. So how does a live action remake live up to such creativity? The trailer gave me a surge of excitement when I watched it. The huge arm of […]

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice Review

Director: Zack Synder Review: Batman Vs Superman. A much anticipated movie by many people. DC’s answer to the Marvel universe that has been built up so well and is tough competition. But to compare this to Marvels current film collection is wrong. It hasn’t had its chance to bloom like Marvel has, doesn’t have the […]

The Witch Review

I’m tired of this film not get the appreciation it deserves.. Director: Robert Eggers Basic Story: A family leave their established village after questioning the religious decisions made by those in charge. They start their own farm, and live off their own work. One day, the youngest, Sam, goes missing, taken into the woods by […]

Mad Dogs Review

I feel compelled to write this review. I’m normally one for films. I watch TV, seasons of work on Amazon Prime ect. But I’ve never felt the need to discuss any of them. Until now. Right, just a short one whilst I’m on the sofa. Mad Dogs is a season on Amazon Prime, one which […]

The Forest Review

Another horror film in the woods that could have been so much more. Director: Jason Zada Released: 2016 Basic Story: Sara Price (Natalie Dormer) goes in search of her twin sister (also Dormer) who has ventured into the Japanese forest, Aokigahara. A place where people go to commit suicide. Accompanied by a shifty Journalist, Aiden […]

Zoolander 2 Review

So 15 years have passed, and we’re thrown back into the world of fashion and really, really, ridiculously stupid characters. Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) are back, trying to fight another evil plan created by Mugatu (Will Ferrell). Except they don’t have that inner-flare that they had 15 years ago, and I’m […]

Deadpool Review

Just when you think you have a favourite superhero, Marvel go and finally make the Deadpool film you’ve always wanted. Ask, and you shall receive. It’s a 15?! Really? Marvel really must have got this right on the line for a 15 cinema release. There will be 15 year olds watching this, that aren’t legally […]

Rainbow Six Siege Review (Inc. Black Ice DLC)

Finally, a game that implements skill and tactics. No more Call of Duty spray and pray for me. I’ve been playing this since release, and I’m still hitting it hard. I haven’t played a Rainbow Six game since Vegas, and this is very different in style. Vegas involved a lot of sitting and waiting for […]

The Lobster Review

“Hotel Manager: Now have you thought of what animal you’d like to be if you end up alone?” “David: Yes. A lobster.” Yes, this film by Yorgos Lanthimos really is that weird. David (Colin Farrell) plays a recently divorced man in the near future. Being single is not allowed, so he attends a hotel that […]